More than 60 million people live in rural communities, however, hospital closures have been rising with time and this makes more difficult healthcare access for citizens. Having healthcare access is important not only for providing medical care to patients in need but to the economic impact this closing has in the community. 

Besides helping patients to heal, a hospital also employs people from the same community, for jobs like construction, food service, and cleaning service. That’s why rural areas, in particular, are more affected by hospital closing. Unemployment increase after a closure. 

On the other hand, it’s very common in rural areas that the hospital has 20 miles of distance between each other, which means each hospital tries to cover more than the capacity they can afford. In rural communities, there are a few specialists for a huge amount of patients. On average, there are only half as many specialists per 100,000 residents in rural areas compared to urban areas.   

Focusing on your patients makes a difference 

A hospital is an organization that provides health care through professional physicians. As a health care institution, they must be focused on diagnosed illnesses and treat injuries, not controlling the financial part because both are time-consuming. One of the main reasons rural hospital and clinic end up closing it’s because of poor hospital management. 

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Medical billing is the payment process within the country’s health system. To get the payment, the medical business needs to follow this process that requires healthcare providers, like a clinic, to submit, follow up, and appeal claims with health insurance companies with the purpose of receiving payments for services they provided to the community.

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