Lenin Lemus

Co-Founder & CEO

With 13 years of experience in the Revenue cycle management industry, one of our Founders and CEO brings vast business strategy experience to the team and a strong understanding of the medical billing industry.

Prior to founding Smrtdo in 2014, Lenin served as the Operations Manager for an international Medical Billing Company. He has extensive knowledge of several billing specialties, and is always researching and reading to learn more. Our CEO has navigated Smrtdo Medical Billing from inception to a profitable organization with a number of strategic partnerships and end- users throughout the United States and many specialties. Over the years, he has developed a passion for the revenue cycle and his complexity and for helping his partners understand their medical bills. He has established personal and professional connection with our clients.
Lenin takes great pride in working to deliver the best service to our Partners and helping them in improving their cash flow.

His success has been founded on the belief in building strong teams and providing constant training to equip employees stay in step with evolving medical billing regulations. His visionary leadership has steered and propelled Smrtdo to become a fast growing medical billing company. A proponent of shared leadership, his values and attitude reflect in the workplace atmosphere of Smrtdo Medical Billing.


Ilka Cruz and Yader Rostrán

Chief Operating Officer — Chief Implementation Officer

Ilka and Yader are the Operation Management team, they both collaborate with each other; while Yader is focusing on new client’s implementation, Ilka focuses on current client’s maintenance. They both are highly skilled in analyzing problems and finding solutions in a timely and efficient manner.  Ilka and Yader know that finding the “root cause” to any billing issue is the key to develop and implement smart solutions in both, front-end and back-end.

They work closely with each of our clients to ensure their accounts receivable is within the industry benchmark and processes are being enhanced to prevent potential issues. They both have been in the revenue cycle management domain for more than 12 years, cultivating and maintaining collaborative relationships with clients to achieve mutual goals.

They are always looking for opportunities to cut waste and make existing systems and processes more efficient and effective. They are also work all team’s supervisors to ensure that they are properly staffed to meet workload capacity.  Ilka and Yader are the “go-to” people for trouble shooting within the revenue cycle.

Otto Avilés

Coding Manager, CPC, CIC, COC
Otto is a Certified Professional Coder and our Coding Manager. He has over 15 years of experience in the Medical Billing and Coding industry.

He is certified in Professional, Outpatient and Inpatient coding. During the years he has worked with different Providers in several specialties giving counseling and guidance in medical coding, billing, auditing, documentation, compliance and practice management to our clinics and hospitals.

Currently as credentialed AAPC member he gives coding training to our partners and also supervise a medical billing group. He is committed in building strong teams as he puts the client’s interest first and strives to solve tasks the smartest way.

Why Choose

Our People

Our specialists in charge of your medical billing and coding are a smart and capable workforce with motivation and work ethic at a great cost. Our clients define us as talented people, with outstanding experience and knowledge really hard to duplicate.

Our Commitment

We care about your medical billing, we care about your people and we care about your community. This is not only our job, is our passion. We want to become your partner and develop a win/win environment. We do not replace your staff.

Our Expertise

We understand the complexity of medical billing solutions for private practices, rural hospitals and rural health clinics. Our 13 years of experience has taken us to master medical billing solutions, resulting in superior outcomes for our partners.

Our experts will take care of your medical billing and collection, so you can focus on your patients.

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