Counting on a medical billing company is the best support you can find for your hospital.  Smrtdo is a medical billing company that helps healthcare organizations, mainly rural hospitals, and clinics that provide health services to a huge population. Smrtdo approach is making your healthcare business financially healthy, offering an RCM program.  

CRM stands to Revenue Cycle Management and it is a procedure that enables healthcare organizations to be able to afford medical supplies, salaries, equipment, structural improvements, and more. 

We understand your business approach is saving lives and treating patients so they recover as soon as possible. Even though as an institution, a hospital should have its administrative department to be in charge of medical billing and collective, usually it is not done efficiently. That is the reason why this procedure allows medical billing companies to support existing healthcare institutions to keep being profitable and efficient to avoid closure. 

Implementing RCM helps rural hospital a lot, some of the benefits are the following: 

  • It allows affording medical supplies to employees and patients.
  • It makes possible covering salaries, generating jobs to the community.
  • It allows to buy equipment and improve the hospital’s  condition. 
  • It makes faster the payment bills from patients that have insurance. 
  • It boosts productivity and avoids denied and delay claims.

Smrtdo has more than 10 years of experience helping healthcare institutions to survive by efficient medical billing. The steps for the medical billing process are:

  1. Registration
  2. Establishment of financial responsibility for the visit 
  3. Patient information
  4. Checking the codes and billing compliance
  5. Preparing the claims and monitoring the health insurance company adjudication
  6. Generating the patient statement of bills and assigning patient payments and organizing collection

The key to making a revenue cycle management is taking continuous follow through to ensure you are receiving the maximum for claims. Working with us doesn’t mean your going to get rid of your financial staff. In fact, if you partner with us, we will work side to side with your staff needs to train them so they can learn to work implementing revenue cycle management.