How long have you been thinking about outsourcing your revenue cycle management?

Well, if you’re still doubting about outsourcing your RCM, it’s highly important that you know and understand the main benefits of working with an outsourced RCM.

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15 Benefits of outsourcing your revenue cycle management

1. Allow you to focus on caring for your patients

Paperwork and other legal and administrative tasks require time. However, we know that most of your time is dedicated to taking care of your patients. This means that by outsourcing your revenue cycle management, you will focus your time on subjects that matter the most to you.

2. Increase Efficiency

Success and efficiency are only achieved by working with the most experts. Counting with expert assistance in your healthcare will guarantee that you have a strategic service plan to optimize profitability.

3. Denial Rates

According to statistics, when you work with a medical billing services company, your average denial rate will be reduced by more than 3.5%. If you think about it, this is highly beneficial for you.

4. Increase revenues

Increasing efficiency and reducing the denial rate will directly increase your revenues and profits. Experts will help you ensure you have every document, medical codes, and all steps for the process optimized. This helps to get more revenues because all your medical billing cases will be covered.

5. Lighten your administrative workload

Medical billing, paperwork, form submissions, and be up-to-date with the medical billing changes are not the primary tasks that you need to care about. You just need to focus on your patients, and the medical billing company will help you reduce more than 10 hours per week that you spend on paperwork.

6. Reduce Disruption from industry change

Besides focusing on all the administrative work, the medical billing industry is always changing. This means that you need to be learning about the new changes every time that they happen. Outsourcing your Revenue Cycle Management will make you have a relief from all those changes.

7. Blended encounter rates

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing your revenue cycle management is that the annual blended encounter rates will improve by more than 20% per year.

8. Outsourced RCM fills knowledge and experience gaps

You’re the expert in your field. Furthermore, you don’t need to know everything about medical billing. Outsourcing your revenue cycle management will help you count with a team of experts with knowledge and experience in this industry.

9. Eliminate concerns about inefficient or unproductive personnel

Hiring administrative staff can be stressful, especially when you have to deal with inefficient and unproductive behaviors. Outsourcing your medical billing process will ensure you avoid the stress caused by inefficient or unproductive personnel.

10. Accurate and timely submission process

You don’t need to worry about forgetting submitting a form or following up a case. One of the benefits of outsourcing your revenue cycle management is that you’ll count with the accurate and timely submission process to avoid losing an opportunity to generate you more revenues.

11. Reduces the Risk of Inappropriate Technology and Techniques

By outsourcing your revenue cycle management, you won’t worry about using old or inappropriate practices or technology.

12. It’s more cost efficient than recruiting and keeping a full-time staff

In average, people benefit from outsourcing their revenue cycle management because it reduces operating costs by 40%. In contrast, it’s more expensive to keep employees because you need to pay for salaries, bonuses, and compensations.

13. Guarantee quality output

Experience and knowledge are required to ensure high-quality outputs. Outsourcing your revenue cycle management is a great form to achieve the quality output that you desire.

14. Access to highly skilled personnel

Highly skilled personnel will be available for you when outsourcing your revenue cycle management. Medical billing companies hire experts so you don’t need to worry about anything.

15. You’ll be up to date with the industry changes

As the industry constantly changes, you’ll need the help of experts to avoid the frustration and stress caused by learning new procedures and rules.

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