Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing: Does it work?

If you’re managing a health care institution, you may be thinking about outsourcing your revenue cycle management processes. Also, it’s highly probable that you have different doubts about the effectiveness of allowing a third-party company to do this job for you. Then, this is the perfect place to help you clarify some of your doubts.

By last year, different studies show that at least 98 percent of hospital leaders are considering to outsource several activities. This is done with the purpose to save money and to allow those health care institutions to focus on value-based programming.

One of those activities to be outsourced is revenue cycle management, which according to different surveys and studies, at least 80% of hospitals and health care clinics desire to outsource. Then, it’s crucial that you understand the core benefits of acquiring revenue cycle management services from another company.

Core benefits of Revenue Cycle Management Services

The main benefit associated with hiring a third-party company is cost-effectiveness. By outsourcing RCM, you will avoid the costs of the salary and benefits of your staff, maintenance of your offices, and running the process of billing and coding.

If you, as a health care institution leader, hire an experienced company, you will notice the decrease of the capital you utilize in your day-to-day operations. This reduction also comes with an increase in the level of revenue. In this form, you will be saving a considerable amount of money while increasing your revenues by a very significant percentage.

A step aside from the cost-effectiveness benefit, outsourcing your RCM will also save a lot of your time. If you’re currently working with a small staff, you will understand that you spend long hours preparing insurance claims and dealing with issues for this process. Your time is valuable and can be invested in more important tasks. Then, outsourcing your revenue cycle management (RCM) can be a practical solution for you.

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