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Everyone would agree that the primary function of a medical office is the care of its patients, however, in order to stay in practice and flourish, the office has to collect payment for the services rendered.

While the main objective of healthcare institutions is to save lives and treating patients, they also have to deal with financial processes such as any other business institution. For this matter is when medical billing companies enter the picture.

If you are a healthcare institution in San Antonio and want to improve your medical billing process, Smrtdo is the right choice for you.


A Solution for Every Need

One of the most common misconceptions about a medical billing process is that it’s only related to the payment after having performed the medical service. A medical billing process starts from the pre-registration of a patient, or an appointment scheduled, and continues through all the services provided to the billing afterward.

The reason behind this process is to gather all the medical information about the service the patient is about to receive, in this way, a plan of action gets developed from beginning to end making it easier to find the best billing solution.

To offer a complete medical billing service, Smrtdo will help you with a variety of solutions such as medical billing as well as coding billing. In simple words, the difference between medical and coding billing is that medical coding is a process that serves to support billing and collection efforts. Through medical coding, specifics codes are assigned to certain parts of the whole billing process to develop an optimal plan of action, including tracking of claims and reports about it. Later on, claims are sent to insurance companies and tracked until you receive payment.

Insurance companies routinely deny, delay, or misplace claims. It takes continuous follow through to ensure you are receiving the maximum reimbursements for your claims on time. We at Smrtdo are capacitated and certified to offer this efficient follow up for you.

Smrtdo Medical Billing Works Smart, Not Hard

Get the best financial solutions for your medical institution, regardless of the type. Stop worrying about the lengthy processes that medical insurance companies impose over your institution and let our group of certified experts partner with you to help you stay financially healthy.




Our experts will take care of your medical billing and collection, so you can focus on your patients.

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